/Veterans on campus

Veterans on campus

Billy Kirby

English 101 Guest Writer

Who’s that in the far back corner of class with that blank stare?

Most students have seen us crossing the campus with our tactical rucksack strapped to our backs, rushing to get to class. We have gone to battle for our country, now we are in the classroom to do battle.

Who are we? Veterans, that’s who.

We may be sitting there in the back, quiet and listening to the professor just like so many are doing, and will do.

If you notice us, we show a sense of awareness most of the time for the simple fact we are trained to notice our environment. We are all brothers, sisters, moms, dads, aunts, and uncles, old, young and are just doing what we think we need to do.

For some of us veterans, we knew going in to the military would help pay for college when we got out, but some veterans went to college with the intention of joining after pursing higher education.

There are many programs and opportunities for veterans, or people who want to join the military, to cash in on some of the advantages that the military has to offer, and will provide for, in order to help advance in ones goals to earn an education.

No matter what the reason, we veterans are just like you, trying to get an education to help better our chances for future survival in the world. We vets may be a little more learned in the world, but we still understand education is the key to a successful, and hopefully happy and rewarding life.

Veterans are a different breed of student.

Some of us have answered the call and gone into combat, some may have just seen a brief time in service with not ever leaving the country, but one thing remains. We as veterans chose to defend America’s freedom, either early on in life or later, or are still serving still to this day.