/Top five stressors

Top five stressors

Alicia Sullivan

English 101 Guest Writer

The one thing that all college students have in common is stress.

According to collegeandfinance.com, there are five top stressors.

   Relationships cause a lot of stress on students, whether it’s friendships or that of the romantic type. Becoming a student means that students are giving up a lot of their free time that they had. Now instead of socializing, they are studying and doing homework.

According to a poll that I did, time-management was the most popular stressor. SC4 student Estelle Wood said “My commute to get here takes an hour. Also trying to do things like clubs, work and work training, homework, and family time, is hard to manage.”

Whether it is financial aid or personal, finances tend to cause a lot of stress to students as well. The fact that some students have to pay student loans, where others are worrying whether or not they will get a student loan to pay for their classes.

Apart from student loans, the worry of personal finances is stressful, especially into today’s economy. Worrying about rent and food is a major worry of a normal college student today.

Sleep is absolutely a factor to stress for almost every college student. Staying up late to study for exams, or writing a paper is cutting into a student’s eight hour sleep.

When it’s not academics cutting into sleep, it’s either work, or of course the life of partying into the wee hours of the night.

Most college students only get a few hours of sleep.

Finally, academics are always stressful.

Academics of course are a core of college life. A college student’s financial aid is affected by academics. Poor grades mean you may be cut off financially.

Grade point averages, a student needs a certain GPA to stay in school and to transfer. Let’s not forget passing exams and studying to get those important grades and GPA.

Studying takes up an enormous amount of time for college students.

A college student’s life is full of stress, but at least in the end all it will be all worth it when the ultimate goal of graduating is achieved.