The Skippers One card, photo ID for SC4 students

Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor

Enjoy getting carded?

Targeted to be put into effect this spring semester, St. Clair County Community College will introduce the Skippers One card.

The student ID will be a photo ID and replace the current library card, but will have additional benefits.

Through MasterCard, students will be able to link the Skippers One card to their bank account and use anywhere regular bank cards are accepted.

According to Vice President of Student Services Pete Lacey, if the card is linked to your banking account, your tuition refunds could be returned to you even sooner.

“We understand that it increases the pressure on the student’s pocketbooks to have those dates pushed out, so we’re trying to do everything we can to figure out a way to get their money as soon as possible,” said David Buck, an SC4 instructor in the computer and office technology department.

Eventually the card will have additional advantages such as electronic access to labs, the fitness center, and for use in campus vending machines.

SC4 students, Chris Campbell and Tracey Robinson, show their SC4 library cards, the current student identification.

SC4 students, Chris Campbell and Tracey Robinson, show their SC4 library cards, the current student identification.

“I think students are really looking forward to them. In general I’ve had students ask me, ‘When are we going to get our new ID cards?’” said Jane Lewandowski, an Information and Education Services Librarian at SC4. “Now, they don’t think of their library cards as their student ID cards.”

Additions to the Skippers One card, such as electronic lab access, will be introduced in phases until 2013.

“The idea was we’re trying every day to find more and more things that will help our students. This came along as we looked at it and looked at what pieces we could add, it just became very obvious; our students are going to benefit so let’s go ahead and do this,” said Dr. Kevin Pollock, President of St. Clair County Community College.

Brandy Standefer, a sophomore from Port Huron, is supportive of the Skippers One card.

“I like the fact that I can link the card to my bank account and how it will strengthen security,” said Standefer.

Some students showed concern about overspending. Pollock assures that overspending won’t be an issue.

“It’s not an actual credit card, so students wouldn’t be running into debt,” said Pollock.

There will be no charge for the initial card, but if the card is lost, damaged, or stolen, for card replacement or more information contact the advising office, room 120 of the ATC building.


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