/Taking “The Nerdist Way”

Taking “The Nerdist Way”

Zack Penzien

Production editor

Chris Hardwick’s new book “The Nerdist Way” is a self-help book. Aimed at helping the nerdy among us to focus, be more productive and get healthy both mentally and physically.

But who is Chris Hardwick?

Well if you haven’t heard of Chris Hardwick you haven’t been near TV or the internet lately. He hosts “Talking Dead,” “The Walking Dead” wrap-up show on AMC. He hosts the Nerdist podcast, runs the Nerdist podcast network and website.

Hardwick is also known for his stand up comedy and voice acting. He is someone you should definitely follow on Twitter

The book is broken down into three parts: mind, body and time.

What’s unique about the book is its approach. You see the book is predicated on you having traits that a lot of people who are nerdy or creative have, and in some cases, suffer from. Taking those concepts and turning them to your advantage.

As you read the book, Hardwick’s standup comedy back ground shines through.

The section on mind stood out to me. It begins with the chapter RPG Your Life; it encourages you to think of yourself like a character in a role-playing game, in this case a pen and paper RPG. You take stock of your real life skills and assign experience points to projects you want to undertake.

The mind is just the section I enjoyed the most.  Other chapters include seizing your inner monologue to focus on productive things. Something he describes as using your brains ability to super focus, or “laser brain.”

For example, in my case, instead of spending a day memorizing the entire detailed history of “Mass Effect” (ladies?), use that “laser brain” to focus in on working what goals you wish to accomplish in a fun way.

You can expect the same light hearted, intrusting, fun and helpful ideas throughout the other chapters.

I picked up this book a few months after it came out and I have loved the sense of humor in it. It’s a self help book that has helped me immensely, and I feel it is worth your time.