/Summer superheros!

Summer superheros!

Paige Manning

English 101 Guest Writer


The school year is almost over! With the end of school comes flip flops, shades and big summer blockbuster movies.

Summer blockbusters continue to appeal to the masses time and time again due to their action packed star studded performances and expensive special effects.

This year’s summer blockbusters are sure to not disappoint. We have a few superhero movies to look forward to, such as “The Avengers” and “The Dark Knight Rises.”

“The Avengers” is set to be released on May 4, 2012.

What do you get when you put “Iron Man,” “Thor,” “Captain America,” and “The Hulk” together? Well “The Avengers” of course!

This movie is a comic book fan’s dream. Even if you are not a comic book fan, the snarky and sarcastic quips of Robert Downey Jrs Iron Man should be enough to keep you laughing. Even after you leave the theater.

If you haven’t seen any of the movies for the superheroes in this film, time to catch up. “Thor” and “Captain America” were released last summer, and the “Iron Man” movies were released in 2008 and 2010 respectively.

“The Dark Knight Rises” is set to be released on July 20, 2012.

Eight years after the events of “The Dark Knight,” the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police force to their limits. Forcing its former hero Batman to resurface after taking the fall for Harvey Dent’s crimes.

If you are not excited for this film, chances are you live under a rock.

After the huge success of “The Dark Knight” in 2008, Director Christopher Nolan is back with the final installment of his Batman trilogy “The Dark Knight Rises.”

The current trailers for this film are reminiscent of Nolan’s most recent film “Inception.” It shows enough to get you excited about the film, while still leaving you anxious to see what happens next.