//Skippers hit the fairways

Skippers hit the fairways

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor


Finally, the season has finally come to go out and break out the three wood.

The Skippers of St. Clair County Community College feel the need for spring as the 2012 Golf season starts up once again.

Coming into the new season, the Skippers have added five new freshman players to the golf roster.

In fact, most of the new comers came from local schools around the St. Clair County area. From St. Clair to Port Huron, these boys are ready to hit their balls in the right direction.

Mitchell Fernandez from Port Huron, Garrick Hunger from Smiths Creek, Andrew Beckwith from North Branch and Timothy Liniarski from St. Clair.

Also in the mix of all these new faces is a face from outside the state. Austin Kleynenberg from Chapin, South Carolina, has come to join the Skippers squad.

But these freshmen are not the whole team without included the two returning sophomores. The two sophomores of SC4’s golf team include Joe Matthews of Fort Gratiot and Tim Child from Port Huron.

On April 2, these boys would come to their first event of the golf season at the Henry Ford CC Invitational in Dearborn, Michigan. SC4 would go against Henry Ford Community College, Schoolcraft College, Kritland Community College and Delta College.

But that did not stop the Skippers from a great start to the season.

Kleynenberg, showed off his skills by posting the best score out of the twenty seven total players at even par.

Adding to that, the Skippers would go on to win their first invitational of the year with a team score of 38 over par. With the Skippers score, they would beat any other team in the Henry Ford Invitational by at least seven strokes. Giving the Skippers a good start to the season.

Hopefully the Skippers will stay in the swing of things throughout the season.