Lady Skippers lose at national championship

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

In every sport, there is always the team that has nothing to lose, but everything to gain. They are called the underdogs, dark horses, long shots and the Cinderella story.

For St. Clair County Community College’s women’s basketball team, their clock had struck twelve.

The Lady Skippers basketball team made it to the NJCAA Division II National Championship in Illinois College Center in East Peoria, Illinois.

But, the Lady Skippers didn’t get their easily.

At the start of the season, SC4 hired their new women’s basketball coach, Lakita Gantz. Gantz replaced Carrie Lohr, who went to Wayne State to coach.

With a new coach and many new faces on the team, the season was unpredictable.

Teisha Knott (#4) goes to the free throw line as her teammates looks on. Photo by Christian McGeachy

Teisha Knott (#4) goes to the free throw line as her teammates looks on. Photo by Christian McGeachy

At the start of the season, the Lady Skippers went on a cold streak. SC4 would lose their first four conference games of the regular season. The first ten games of the season would not help the Lady Skips either, going 3-7 in conference play.

Then, the women would go on a hot streak and win four games in row putting the Lady Skippers at 7-7 for the season.

Then, all of a sudden, the unexpected happened. Lakita Gantz had resigned as head coach half way through the season, leaving the women’s basketball on the rise, but no head coach.

But that didn’t stop the Lady Skips.

Mike Groulx would take over as the women basketball head in January and the team would make the playoffs a reality. Finishing the season 16-15 overall.

Then, the Lady Skips would go through Oakland Community College, Macomb Community College and Mott Community College, winning the Region 12E Tournament and punching their ticket to the National Tournament.

But, like all sports lovers know, all good things must come to an end.

The Lady Skippers became the #11 seed in the tournament. They would lose to Kishwaukee College 47-37 and Southeast College Community College 62-53.

Even though, SC4 didn’t win the National Title in Division II, they still overcame coaching changes and cold streaks throughout the season and still came out one of the best of the year.

Win or lose, this Cinderella story ended happily ever after.

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