/Gas prices rising: greed or necessity?

Gas prices rising: greed or necessity?

Jesse Zalucki

English 101 Guest Writer

Everyone knows that gas prices have continued to rise and fall over the last several years.

There are those who know because they have to pay for it, those who can no longer afford to pay for it and those who hear the prior two mentioned constantly complaining about it.

In the past few months we have seen a consistent spike in the price of gasoline.

Many are probably asking why?

This is due to several factors, including the fact that gas is of course a nonrenewable resource; there is also a huge demand for it, not just in the U.S., but more recently in China, India and Brazil.

The constantly growing population in China and Brazil is causing a spike in gas prices. They have a growing middle class that most of which rode bikes or walked everywhere up until the last few years.

The last reason being the most recent threat from Iran to cut off the supply of oil that travels through the Strait of Hormuz because of sanctions by the U.S. and European Union.

With gas prices on the rise, how will we continue to afford it?

There are a few ways to save on gas. One way is to try to keep your tank as full as possible. Driving with a full tank of gas not only improves your mileage but is better for your car.

Another way is to drive behind a semi-truck. Yes it seems silly, but driving behind these monsters actually reduces wind resistance giving you better gas mileage.

One can of course buy a more fuel efficient car.

And last, some credit cards offer certain money percentages or points on money spent on gas.