/Electronic books are nothing new

Electronic books are nothing new

Christina Stoutenburg

Business/Advertising Editor

The St. Clair County Library System is on course to start offering eBooks in April.

The St. Clair County Community College library, already does.

According to Christopher Rennie, Director of Library Services, “Two thirds of our collection is electronic books already, so there’s not necessary anything new to bring from what the public library has chosen to do.”

Systems between the libraries will differ.

The county library eBook system will function as physical books, where there will be a limited number of copies that can be checked out by patrons.

Through the providers the college library use allow for multiple users to check out the same title. While not all eBooks offered allow for multiple users it is a majority of them. Students can use their computers to access the eBooks, and they are also compatible with iPads or Android tablet devices.

“If I had known eBooks were offered I might have used them,” said sophomore Cyle Cook, of Fort Gratiot. “Alas I was unaware.”

EBooks through the college can be found through SC4’s website by going to www .sc4.edu /lrc/ and choosing between the on-campus and off-campus database options.

Students wishing to use the off-campus database will need their fourteen digit library barcode as well as their student identification number in order to access the offered content.