/City hotspots: Cool City Games
Jeff Kenny in his natural habitat. Photo by Clay Kimball

City hotspots: Cool City Games

Clay Kimball


Games, games everywhere.

Located on Main Street, near Alpine Cycles and Wolverine Party store, Cool City Games is the local haunt for nerds and tabletop games enthusiasts alike. The store is open Monday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., except for Wednesday and Saturday when they go past midnight.

The shop sells every sort of game, from “Magic: the Gathering” to “Dystopian Wars,” and hosts tournaments for the more popular ones. “Magic: the Gathering” players can attend Wednesday Night Magic and Friday Night Magic for competitive play and trading, while tabletop games take place on Thursdays.

The shop has a wide variety of games from well played, such as “Warhammer,” to the more obscure, such as “L5R.” Also, if the store doesn’t have any specific products in stock, they will special order products in for customers.

“I think it’s a great spot,” says Dani Mertz, a dual enrolled student. “The staff are friendly and helpful, and even participate in the games their customers play.”

The environment of the shop is very friendly, with long time players and employees more than willing to help new players start up. John, one of the card traders, helps out with any new player. He’ll offer tips for deck and army building is very knowledgeable in most games.

The owner, Jeff Kenny, is a constant source of comic relief in the shop.

Jeff Kenny in his natural habitat. Photo by Clay Kimball
Jeff Kenny in his natural habitat. Photo by Clay Kimball

According to Cool City Games regular, Sam Papes, “Jeff is a god and lord of the nerds.”

Kenny can be found overlooking the main counter and making adult jokes with employees and regulars.

For more information about Cool City Games, visit www. coolcitygames .com/.