/A creepy series

A creepy series

Carol Szparaga

Staff Writer

“The River,” an American paranormal series, premiered Tuesday, Feb. 7, at 9 p.m. on the ABC network.

Eight episodes are scheduled to be aired within the first season.

The series takes place within the Amazon. A well-known doctor named Emmett Cole has disappeared.  Doctor Cole’s family, along with a crew, goes on a quest to find him.  The family and crew face many creepy obstacles along the way.

The first episode of the series was a little distorted due to the camera movement; it was filmed as a homemade documentary. The frames within the camera jilted, and at times could have made the viewer experience motion sickness.

In episode two, the camera filming increasingly gets better and continues to do so in the episodes that followed.

The finer points of the series are the special effects that are used. There are ghostly images that are so life like it makes the viewing of paranormal images more surprising.

Another fine point is the sound effects. With the sound increasingly getting louder, it will prepare one to anticipate fear.

Lastly, the plot to the series deepens as the crew’s experiences brings closer to the disappearance of Doctor Cole.

The series will continue for the full eight weeks, giving much anticipation of creepier things to come.

I recommend this series to mature audiences only.

So grab a snack, but firmly hold it as you watch “The River,” because you never know what to expect.

To view previous full episodes for free, visit abc.go.com/shows/the-river.