/Young journalist continue work
Photo by Christina Stoutenburg

Young journalist continue work

Christina Stoutenburg

Business/Advertising Manager

Palmer Town News saw its last print issue of the semester on Wednesday, Feb. 23.

The young journalists of Hannah Palmer’s third grade class, of Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Port Huron, have been working with members of the Erie Square Gazette in order to produce a paper that would be done by the third grade students, for the students.

Delivery was not the only goal of the latest visit. Plans for one more online issue of the semester were discussed.

Palmer’s students used the time to help establish possible articles, as well as to ask questions about what it’s like working for the Erie Square Gazette, and what college is like.

Photo by Christina Stoutenburg
Photo by Christina Stoutenburg

“We have really enjoyed writing the newspaper. The students have increased their writing skills and they love writing now a lot more than in the past,” Palmer said. “They know that there are readers out there that are eager to read their writing so it’s been a very exciting time for them.”

The success of the Woodrow Wilson Elementary program has allowed the Erie Square Gazette expansion into classrooms at Cleveland Elementary.

A link to the online issues of the Palmer Town News can be found on the Erie Square Gazette’s website at www.esgonline.org.