//The legacy lives

The legacy lives

Alyssha Ginzel

Managing Editor

She said no, and the Montgomery Bus Boycott ignited.

The moment Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat was an iconic moment in the Civil Rights Movement, as well as African American history, and was definitive in ensuring equality and progress for generations to come.

But Rosa Parks did more than refuse to give up a bus seat, and with the help of storyteller Rosie Chapman, students of SC4 will have the opportunity to witness, “The Life and Times of Rosa Parks” on Thursday, Feb. 23, at noon in the Fine Arts Theater.

Rosie Chapman, a social worker at Utica Schools, has performed for churches, juvenile centers, prisons, nursing homes and museums, as well as in Australia, Germany and Scotland, as an exchange student for Michigan State University.

Chapman incorporates audience participation while performing a skit, fully costumed, embodying and communicating the attitudes and tribulations throughout Rosa Parks’ life.

Alyssa Ferri, a sophomore music student of SC4 and President of the SC4 Music Club, said she attended Chapman’s performance of Harriet Tubman in the winter of 2011 and definitely plans to go to this year’s performance.

The Thursday at Noon Concert series is a free admission performance.

For more information, call (810) 989-5709 or visit www. sc4.edu /noonconcerts.