/New business math teacher at SC4
Shannon Cruickshank

New business math teacher at SC4

Meghan Grady

Student Writer

Whether it is with students or staff, one thing that is certain at SC4 is the fact that each and every semester our family here is always growing.

One of the more recent additions to SC4 is Business Math teacher, Shannon Cruickshank.

Shannon Cruickshank
Shannon Cruickshank

Even though Cruickshank is a newer teacher here at SC4, these campus grounds are not unfamiliar to the SC4 alumnus and current TRiO tutor.

According to Cruickshank, tutoring has brought her many unexpected compliments from students who expressed their appreciation on how their success was solely based on her guidance and knowledge. She went on to explain how accepting a tutoring position was thought of as just a job, but had realized quickly that the faculty all work as a team and really are “a true family.”

Cruickshank holds a B.A. in Accounting from right here at SC4, and is currently pursuing an MBA at Walsh College.

If you thought that she was busy enough, she explained that she was also in the process of taking the second out of four Michigan CPA exams.

Marysville is Cruickshank’s hometown, which she resides in with her husband, Pat, their two children Jake (Junior) and Carly (Sophomore) as well as their two dogs.

To this present day, Cruickshank is very much involved in the affairs in Marysville, specifically at Marysville High School, not only as an alumnus, but as the parent of two current students.  She has even joined other parents in starting the Marysville High School Golf Team, which her daughter, Carly, is an athlete on.

As the interview proceeded, Cruickshank thought about the question asked; what can you identify that most people don’t know about you? As she paused, her husband gave her an idea; they had described Cruickshank to be extremely organized and takes her, and others’, education very seriously.

These two components seem to be the exact equation to why all of her students become successful.

Some of Cruickshank’s hobbies are golf, reading a book other than a textbook, walks by the St. Clair River and spending Sundays cooking with her family and friends over some fabulous cuisine.