//Clubs, clubs everywhere

Clubs, clubs everywhere

Alyssha Ginzel

Managing Editor

Club Awareness Day offered obscurity as the SC4 Music Club serenaded the college center with an open, live jam, and Adjunct instructor of English Bob Kroll randomly beat zombie limbs with a bludgeon club.

Fueled by free popcorn and candy, the college center thrived with an assortment of student clubs on Wednesday, Feb. 29 for Club Awareness Day.

Of the 20 clubs SC4 has to offer, 12 clubs attended the event.

Representatives had the chance to showcase their club in order to raise awareness of the opportunities they have to offer while also recruiting new members.

According to Student Government President Doug Johnson, a third year liberal arts student, “Clubs offer a chance for students to get to know people, get involved with the campus and community, and participate in fundraisers.”

Along with the before mentioned benefits, student organizations can also offer scholarships, an outlet for creative thought, career exploration, and can simply be a fun, relaxing alternative to homework and hours of lecture.

The SC4 Music Club, for example, focuses greatly on expression through music. Their president, Alyssa Ferri, a sophomore music student, said, “Our biggest goal is to connect with people and feel comfortable with music, and with our instruments.”

Another of SC4’s numerous clubs is The Global Awareness Club which focuses greatly on cultural studies and traveling, and plans to take a trip to New York City over spring break.

New to the event were the Marketing and Managing Club, and the National Society of Leadership and Success which focuses on job force success, leadership, and the application of classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Whether it is the Criminal Justice Club, the Drama Club, the Health and Wellness Club, or the Zombie Defense Council, SC4 has something for everyone.

And if you can’t find a club that suites you, you can always form a new club!

For more information regarding student clubs, visit www.sc4. edu/clubs, or contact Student Activities Coordinator, Angel Niederkohr at (810) 989-5552.