/Board ok’s project, SC4 to get facelift
McMorran Greenway and Street Closure

Board ok’s project, SC4 to get facelift

Michael Scott

Staff Writer

St. Clair County Community College looks old, beat-up and boring, suggesting that perhaps her best days are behind her.

However, on Thursday, Feb.9, in the M- Tech Center located to the northeast part of campus, the SC4 Board of Directors voted to approve the start of a capital project that will make the campus freshly new, and both exciting and young again.

The vote was passed with a unanimous decision, receiving seven votes from the seven present members.

“The board has approved it as a project and we are in the final stages now of getting all the ducks in a row in terms of agreement with the city,” said Chairman of the Board, John Adair.

The vote to approve the development project further progresses and formalizes a plan already approved by the city of Port Huron.

The McMorran Greenway and Street Closure project will offer dramatic changes to the SC4 campus.

McMorran Boulevard will be vacated by the city, and closed from Erie Street to River Street. The new construction will essentially equip SC4 with a “front door” to campus by providing an entrance sign welcoming visitors or students to the college, as well as a newly landscaped courtyard.

River Street will remain open so that cars will be able to get in and out of the parking lot. However, modifications to the road will be made.

McMorran Greenway and Street Closure
McMorran Greenway and Street Closure

“Bids to contractors have already been sent out. SC4 hopes to receive them back within the next month to start construction by tearing up the roads right after graduation for the winter semester. This project is just the first of many for SC4. Five capital projects are in the works all together,” offers SC4 President, Dr. Kevin A. Pollock.

Pollack also maintained that the funds for the project have been raised by the SC4 Foundation. It is very important the people and students realize that none of the money for this project is coming from tuition or tax dollars. It is all donations.

The five capital projects will also include the expansion of the Natural Science Museum in the Mackenzie Building, the historical restoration of Room 312 in the Main Building, a plan to create a Campus Innovation Center and provide campus signage.

“It’s an exciting project,” says Adair, “It will be exciting to see something move on campus and make some improvements.”

The benefits of the project are both fundamental and secondary.

The fundamental benefit is the safety of the high volume of students and pedestrians crossing through the busy intersection of McMorran and Erie, with the secondary benefits being esthetics or “looks” of the campus.

“At the same time of accomplishing safety, we will be developing areas for students to pass through or sit down and relax. It will provide a traditional college feel,” also stated Adair.

For now things look bright for the future of St. Clair County Community College.

Students are both excited and leery for the improvements to begin.

Caylee Gordon, a 19 year-old first year student at SC4 said, “It’s gonna be cool and make our campus feel more connected, but it’s gonna cause the fire trucks to have to go all the way around and take more time to respond to emergency calls.”