//Working out in winter

Working out in winter

Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor

Just because winter is here doesn’t mean that extra 5-10 pounds is inevitable.

It is understandable that going out into the icy wind and snow takes a lot more motivation now than when it was 80 degrees and sunny outside. But there are other ways to stay in shape during the winter.

Of course eating healthy is always an option, but who wants to do that?

One way to maintain, or even improve your figure is to join a gym.

Joining a gym doesn’t necessarily mean weight lifting or running.

David Somervell, 21, works out at Algonac Health and Fitness in Algonac.

“I like it there. It’s open 24 hours, it has a clean environment, I can work out with friends, and there are no rude people,” said Somervell.

College students who are under 24 and can show identification can pay $25 a month for membership with no contract.

“Our special is a full year of gym and tanning included for only $199,” said Michelle Moran, a worker at Algonac Health and Fitness. The gym offers Zumba classes, clean showers and changing rooms, circuit classes, and six week Kettlebell classes.

For those who live closer to the SC4 campus, Viking Fitness Center has locations in Marine City, Marysville, and Port Huron and offers one or three-gym memberships.

Viking Fitness is open 24 hours and offers a $31 a month three gym membership for college students. There is free pool access at two off site locations with a three-gym membership.

The YMCA in Port Huron also has a variety of programs to help you keep in shape.

Family pricing is available, but for individual adults membership is $49 a month after a $75 initial fee. For full-time college students, membership is $30 a month with a $50 initial fee.

Visit bluewaterymca.com for program schedules and the 2012 pool schedule.

If you don’t have the time to set aside to visit a gym, or can’t afford a membership, workout videos or games are a great alternative.

For those who prefer something more interactive and own a gaming system such as a Wii, Xbox or Xbox Kinect, or PS3, try a workout game.

There are a variety of games from “Zumba,” “Just Dance,” “The Biggest Loser,” “EA Sports Active,” or even learning ballet.

Whether you buy a game, a video, or get a membership; browse around a little before you decide. And never forget to ask about student discounts.