Trump in play

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

Different semester, but the same game. Play the cards right and trump will come your way.

Even though students at St. Clair Community College enjoy going to school, they have to find ways to have fun in between classes.

So, like the fall semester, I found my own way to cope through the painful and often times boring hours in between classes. Which was by playing the wonderful, interesting and at first the confusing game of Euchre.

Euchre is a very unique card game and usually is only played in Canada and most of the state of Michigan.

I for one, before last semester, had never heard or seen a card game of Euchre. I was really confused, but before you know it, I was playing it over and over again and found myself addicted.

But, I was not the only one.

Jacob Eagle, a student from Croswell, picked up Euchre while coming to SC4.

“As I progressed, I got better and started to learn more about the fascets of the game,” said Eagle.

I agree. Euchre is a game of skill, luck and most of all strategy. And the most effective way to learn this game is to play it more and more.

Students at SC4 show that trump always wins. Photo by Christian McGeachy

Students at SC4 show that trump always wins. Photo by Christian McGeachy

Euchre is more than just a card game to Eagle and the other students.

Students like Josh Shaffer, a second year student from Memphis, said, “I like that it(Euchre) passes the time between classes.”

On another note, Shaffer also said, “It (Euchre) grabs all the students together…and you make more friends.”

So, this card game is not just about trumping the opponents, but building relationships with other students.

But, Jeremy Case, a student from Lakeport, said simply, “It’s just fun.”

So, take it from someone that had no idea about Euchre before. It is worth the time to play this game, to pass the time and also to meet new people.

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