//Super Bowl worth super money?

Super Bowl worth super money?

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

“The Super Bowl. The most epic day in America,” Morgan Freeman says on his Visa commercial.

This year, the Super Bowl will be a hard hitting battle on the gridiron between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

But people will be watching more than just the plays on the field. Commercials will be on everybody’s mind during the breaks in action.

Companies thrive for the chance to have their ads on the biggest game of the year. But is it worth it?

The cost for a Super Ad, according to CNNMoney, is three million dollars for a thirty second ad. When you break it down, that’s one hundred thousand dollars per second.

Last year, Chrysler put out their new commercial for Chrysler 200 car with Eminem and was the longest commercial in Super Bowl history. Costing Chrysler twelve million dollars. That’s a lot of money for one commercial.

Many companies take the chance on the big stage. Companies such as Skechers, Doritos, Anheuser-Busch, ETrade, GoDaddy and Coca-Cola. But companies have to realize the cost.

According to CNNMoney, if Snickers invested in a thirty second commercial, they would have to sell 6,329,406 bars to pay for their investment. Bridgestone tires would have to sell 298,656 tires and Skechers would have to sell 205,339 pairs of shoes.

But if you wanted to get your product out there to the viewers, this is the time to do it.

According to Time NewsFeed, last year’s Super Bowl set a TV record for 111 million viewers. In companies’ eyes, those are potential customers.

So, with all the facts and ducks in a row, I believe that investing three million dollars for a Super Bowl is a wise investment. It gives companies the best chance for the common everyday customer/viewer to see and hear about your product.

So, Morgan Freeman’s most epic day in America can be the big score for the advertising companies.