/Have you seen her?

Have you seen her?

Danielle Kennedy

Copy Editor

   Friday, Feb. 3, a specter in black made her way onto the big screen to pray upon any parent’s greatest weakness.

Their children.

“The Woman in Black” is the latest film from the horror genre to make its way to theaters, and it’s taking horror back to its roots of good old fashioned, grip the edge of your seat, spookiness.

Fans of excessively gory horror films should look elsewhere; they won’t find any in this film.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe, who plays a young lawyer named Arthur Kipps, the film takes place in a backwater village that’s packed full of spook film clichés. Such as: superstitious town folk, heavy rolling mists, a spooky house that no one dares enter, and a vengeful ghost. And let’s not forget the creepy children.

There are a lot of creepy children.

Despite this, “The Woman in Black” takes all of those clichés, and many more, and effectively weaves them together to create a delightfully creepy plot.

Even if said plot is a tad predictable and leaves you with more questions than answers by the time the credits start rolling.

There are also points within the movie where everything seemed to just trudge along. As if those moments were simply tossed in for the purpose of filling in time.

Fortunately those moments are few.

All in all, “The Woman in Black” seems to shoot straight down the middle. It’s not a film that’ll be raved about and make its mark in history, but it’s not a terrible movie either.

Not a must see, but still worth a watch type of deal.

Should you choose to give it a change, just be sure that you don’t go peering into any dark corners for a while afterwards.

For if you lay eyes upon the lady in black; then it’s already too late.