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Photo by Michael Highland under a Creative Commons license

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Zachary Penzien

Production Editor

Videogames these days are kind of an expensive hobby, especially when everyone today is trying to save money.

Especially college students.

Video games can be seen all over on campus, from consoles hooked up to the TV’s in the college center, DS players, even Iphone games.

My friend Chris Hischke says, “I haven’t been able to buy a new platform in years.  Most of my money goes to school or food, my DS and most of my games were gifts.”

Here are some things that I do to play games, even within my small budget.

First, I tend to buy games that are a bit old.

Photo by Michael Highland under a Creative Commons license
Photo by Michael Highland under a Creative Commons license

I tend to play games that are about a year old. There are a lot of advantages to this, all of the bugs have been patched by this point and the prices have dropped to more manageable levels.

But if you are playing multiplayer games, this is where this strategy falls short. Years out of the release, people are really good and will steamroll you, or the online population of the game has dwindled.

If you do want to play a “Modern Warfare” or “Halo,” you rent them.

And yes, video stores still exist.

I recommend Family Video. I use them a lot; there you can get a video game for five days, for seven bucks. I have played through “Mass Effect 2” almost twice for a third of the price.

There is a limited supply of the games they carry, for instance I still can’t get “Skyrim.”

There are also a lot of games on the Ipod touch, from $5.99 to the low low price of free.

I don’t have as much experience with this platform, but I did pick up a game called “Zenonia.” It is a cool RPG with four installments and it is free, with some things you can buy in game like gold.

Well, that’s all I got for this issue. Hope It helped, I’m going to go play “Fall Out,” cheers.