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Clay Kimball


Memes, memes everywhere!

Lately the influx of memes has brought the concept to a mainstream light. Sites such as 9gag.com and Facebook allow for the majority of internet users to share laughs through common images.

While the majority of the public may view these on Facebook and other social sites, let’s not forget the origin of these macros.

It is debated as to which site copied the other, two sites have been deemed the originators of most current memes: Reddit and 4chan.

4chan is a very controversial “imageboard” known for its housing of anonymous internet activist organizations and profane content. It is here that it is said that the worst of the internet spawns and the “hackers on steroids,” quoth Fox news, gather.

Reddit, on the other hand, is a tamer link-board known for political activism and charity.

Reddit divides in hundreds of smaller sub-reddits, each for individual interests. In these sub-reddits, specialized memes are created and recreated, such as Good Guy Greg and Condescending Willy Wonka.

The two sites’ members are always at odds with each other over who started memes and who copies the other. Despite the differences, to an outside observer they are heralded as the prime source of hilarious images on the internet.

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