/Pianist Pauline Martin mesmerizes

Pianist Pauline Martin mesmerizes

Alyssha Ginzel

Managing Editor

The audience was entranced Thursday, Jan. 19, by pianist Pauline Martin’s skillful and articulate hour long performance in the theater of the Fine Arts Building.

Recited all from memory, Martin conveyed an eerie, almost painful aura with hopeful undertones in three pieces by Franz Schubert, Maurice Ravel, and Frederic Chopin. The technical and meticulous compositions proved to evoke suspense and awe from a crowd where even small children remained silent, seemingly fixated by the pieces’ emotion.

Not coincidentally, Martin claims, “I have to be moved by the piece. If it doesn’t speak to me, than how can I expect it to move an audience?”

Music has always been a part of Martin’s life. With a piano teacher for a mother, Martin began officially taking lessons at the age of five, but dabbled with piano even before then.

Even after performing with such groups as the Detroit Symphony Civic Orchestra, the New American Chamber Orchestra, and the Detroit Chamber Winds and Strings, Martin still claims to occasionally get nervous before performing. She is currently writing a book about performance anxiety.

Anxiety slowly diminishes with experience, but nothing cures anxiety better than preparation.  Hard work is a crucial ingredient to any aspiring musician, according to Martin.  Her advice to fellow musicians is to seek people who inspire and encourage, and to find a good teacher.

“There may be a very good teacher, but he may not be a good teacher for you,” said Martin.

Martin advises any musician to truly understand why it is they play, and what it is they need to share.  “Go to music festivals, seek out fellow musicians, and always look to improve.”

Martin has previously performed at SC4 in a mother-son duo, and hopes to return soon.

The Thursday at Noon Concert Series is a free admission event with new acts once every month. All students are encouraged to come and witness a variety of talent in the arts. The next concert series, held on Feb. 23, will feature storyteller Rosie Chapman bringing to life the story of Rosa Parks.

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