/“Horrible Bosses”

“Horrible Bosses”

Meghan Grady

Staff Writer

It’s safe to assume that the premise in this film has been one some have experienced a time or two; having a horrible boss.

The cleverly structured but crude film opens up with thee friends: Nick – the could be manager (Jason Bateman), Kurt-an accountant (Jason Sudeikis) and Dale- a nervous dental assistant. Surprising, their bosses are played by an all-star cast.

Kevin Spacey plays a narcissistic control freak with a side of manipulator. Colin Farrell is almost unrecognizable as a slobby druggie that not only would destroy the business his dad created, but does it with a comb over. Last, but not least, there’s Jennifer Aniston, who doesn’t seem to have much time in-between harassing, and eventually blackmailing, Dale and being a dentist.

This tips Dale and the other boys into homicidal go-mode.

Each of their heinous bosses seems to contain the worst of the worst, but quitting their jobs is not an option. They opt for a different option, to get rid of their current situation by getting rid of their bosses.

It’s decided that this would be done by hiring a hit man, but expected problems occur due to trying to hire a hit man online and eventually hiring one at an inter-city bar.

Fueled by alcohol and poor decisions, the men hilariously devise a plan to permanently rid themselves of their horrible bosses. But the plan is only as clever as the brains that are behind it.