//ESG Staff Round Up, Winter Semester 2012

ESG Staff Round Up, Winter Semester 2012

John Lusk


John Lusk is in his twenty-sixth year of teaching at SC4, and has been reading newspapers since he could. In his fifteenth year as adviser to the Erie Square Gazette, Lusk hopes to continue working with the best students on campus for a few more years.

Twana Pinskey


Twana Pinskey is a journalism major and current Editor-in-Chief of the Erie Square Gazette. An accomplished photographer, her images have appeared in “Patterns” magazine three times. She is a NCSL (National Certified Student Leader), an on-air talent at 91.3 FM WSGR, and a member of Phi Theta Kappa-Lambda Mu Honors Society. Pinskey is a part-time broadcast journalist for WPHM AM 1380 at Radio First here in Port Huron. After completing her education, she plans to pursue freelance work as a photo journalist.

Alyssha Ginzel

Managing Editor

Alyssha N. Ginzel spent her childhood years in Emmett, MI, eventually attending Yale High School.  Upon graduating twenty-first in her class, she enrolled at SC4 and began focusing on English, social science, and psychology courses in hopes of pursuing a career in either journalism or psychology.  She is currently a sophomore at SC4 and after acquiring her associate’s degree, plans to tour Europe before furthering her education.  Ideally, Alyssha strives to focus on journalism early in life and later, open her own child psychology clinic which advocates healing through the arts.

Zack Penzien

Production Editor

Zack Penzien is the Production Editor at the ESG. He is an “artist”, and sometimes a writer, in his spare time. He is the creator of the comic “All for Show” on the ESG site. Zack also writes and runs a gamma world D&D. If you want to see more of his stuff, find him at piratesub.blogspot.com.

Danielle Kennedy

Copy Editor

A returning SC4 alumnus, Danielle Kennedy is the current Copy Editor for the Erie Square Gazette. Kennedy graduated with a degree in Communications Media back in 2009 and has returned to SC4 to pursue a degree in the field of corrections. Interests include: reading, writing, and the game.

Christina Stoutenburg

Business/Advertising Manager

Christina Stoutenburg, 21, is a resident of Smiths Creek and a staff writer for the Erie Square Gazette. Stoutenburg is currently unsure about her major, but has an interest in TV broadcasting.

Clay Kimball


Clay Kimball, 17, is a dual enrollment student and the Webmaster for the Erie Square Gazette. Kimball currently attends Port Huron Northern High School, but spends most of his school days working towards an associate’s degree in Engineering Transfer and Physics.

Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor

2010 graduate of Algonac High School, Liz Whittemore is currently a sophomore at SC4 pursuing a career in journalism. Whittemore is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the Global Awareness Club, and is the Photo Editor for the Erie Square Gazette. The Algonac resident loves going on road trips in her spare time. Whittemore is a terrible bowler. She plans to move to Chicago and go to school in the fall.

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor

Christian McGeachy is a sophomore at St. Clair County Community College. McGeachy plans to transfer to Central Michigan University and major in Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts. His hometown is Marine City and he is the current Sports Editor for Erie Square Gazette.

Meghan Grady

Staff Writer

Meghan Grady is a nursing focused SC4 student. Grady grew up in Grosse Pointe near Detroit and currently dually resides in Grosse Pointe and Marysville. She currently works in the medical profession for a family practice in Clinton Township. Special interests include: freelance graphic art, photography, ballroom dancing, any outside activity including softball, tennis, swimming, and movies. Grady is currently striving for a freelance position as an un-official food critique to any restaurant that will have her.

Beth Holloway

Staff Writer

Beth Holloway is one of the new staff writers to join the ranks of the Erie Square Gazette.

Carol Szparaga

Staff Writer

Carol Szparaga, of Columbus Township, is a pre-nursing major that loves: cooking, camping, and home improvement projects. Szparaga joined the school newspaper because she likes that is student involved. It also gives her the opportunity to meet students and staff.

Dale Merrill

Staff Writer

Dale Merrill is a communications major at SC4 and currently working on his broadcasting and journalism degrees. He is the program director of 91.3fm, the father of two sons, a music and beer snob, and cynic by default.

Jesse Schienke

Staff Writer

Jesse Schienke graduated from L’Anse Creuse High School North in 2010 and is a sophomore at St. Clair County Community College. He is currently writing sports for ESG and plays basketball for the Skippers. Schienke is undecided on his plans for next year, but is interested in pursuing a journalism degree.

Michael Scott

Staff Writer

Michael Scott is currently in his first semester as a member of the Erie Square Gazette. Born and raised in Port Huron, he also graduated from Port Huron Northern High School. At SC4, Scott is currently pursuing his associate’s degree in Journalism. After the completion of his program at SC4, he intends to transfer to a four year university and pursue his bachelor’s degree in either Journalism or Communications. Currently he is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and is on the President’s Honors List at SC4. He is hoping his experience writing for the school newspaper will help to prepare him for the future, and his desired career as a journalist.

Savannah Wilcox

Staff Writer

Savannah Wilcox is one of the new staff writers to join the ranks of the Erie Square Gazette.

Reed Simpson

Staff Writer

Reed Simpson is one of the new staff writers to join the ranks of the Erie Square Gazette.