Becky Krafft’s fifth grade class. Photo Credit: Twana Pinskey

Erie Square Gazette expands junior journalist program

Danielle Kennedy

Copy Editor

The ‘Erie Square Gazette Goes to…’ began in Hannah Palmer’s third grade classroom at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School during the winter 2011 semester. Erie Square Gazette staff assisting potential future journalists with the creation of their own paper.

Though still in its infancy stage, the program has already begun to expand. From third graders to fifth graders, the ESG started the winter 2012 semester by visiting the fifth grade classes of Kathy Cilluffo and Becky Krafft at Cleveland Elementary.

Becky Krafft’s fifth grade class. Photo Credit: Twana Pinskey
Becky Krafft’s fifth grade class. Photo Credit: Twana Pinskey

According to ESG Editor-in-Chief, Twana Pinskey, the expansion of the program came about when a teacher at Cleveland Elementary, a Kim Reno, expressed interest in the program. Unable to participate in the program herself, Reno put Pinskey in contact with Cilluffo and the ball just kept rolling from there.

“I think the program really helps out, especially for certain age groups who seemed to really appreciate us visiting them,” said ESG Advertising/Business Manager, Christina Stoutenburg, who took part in the fall 2011 ‘Erie Square Gazette Goes to Woodrow Wilson’ as well.

“In school we never had anything like that (the program), and it probably would have been pretty cool to have,” said Stoutenburg.

ESG Production Editor, Zachary Penzien, echoed Stoutenburg’s sentiment. Penzien believes the program to be a good one, and enjoys working with the kids. He feels that is opens the students up to writing as an option for a future career.

Pinskey hopes that the program is one that will continue to grow and not die off when it comes time for her to depart from the ESG.

“I believe it (the program) does benefit the children. It also meets one of the college’s goal which are how do we reach children,” said Pinskey, “And this is a great way to reach the kids.”

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