/T-bird’s tidbits: is it wrong to celebrate Christmas?

T-bird’s tidbits: is it wrong to celebrate Christmas?

Twana Pinskey

Head Elf

There are varying opinions concerning Christmas and the celebration of this Christian based holiday. It depends on how you look at it. For me, celebrating the holiday the way it seems to have evolved, sours my stomach.

Christmas is a holiday that seems to grow every year. This boggles my mind. How does something change that occurs on the same date every year?

Before the Halloween items were clearance priced, Christmas items were stocking store shelves.

The holiday season comes earlier and earlier every year. If you doubt this, just look at all the pre-Thanksgiving sales and Black Friday Sales. Relatively new on the scene is Cyber Monday offerings. Camping out for Black Friday sales days in advance just to save a couple dollars? I can sure think of ways to better use my time.

I am realistic enough to understand the days of the “Norman Rockwell” holidays are long gone.

Just because the holidays of my childhood are no more, does not mean the holidays are wrong.

Thanksgiving once reserved for reconnecting with friends and loved ones, has become a strategic planning session to map out one’s desired plan of attack to secure the desired Christmas gifts. Pepper spraying fellow shoppers, or store employees getting trampled have become the norm.

The commercialization used by ad agencies brainwash our children, and some adults, into believing they simply have to have a specific item under the tree on Dec. 25.

I can’t help but wonder if these same agencies put that much effort into suggesting we as a society volunteer at a homeless shelter, offer a kind word to those we meet on the street,  or even shoveling the sidewalk for our elderly neighbors, that the world just might be a little better for it.