/Freedom, it’s so close
Photo by Hamish Duncan under a Creative Commons license.

Freedom, it’s so close

Danielle Kennedy

Jingle Elf

The final countdown has begun.

If you perk your ears and listen, you can hear the rumbling thunder of the approaching storm that is exams. But beyond that storm rests clear skies and winter break.

How do you intend to spend that time off?

Hopefully relaxing.

I know that’s what I intend to do. Exams are still a week away and my brain feels ready to explode. As if it’s trying to take in too much information and unable to find any more room to store it. Hopefully I can make it past exams without burning out.

Once I finish that last test, I fully intend to book it out of here. I don’t want to as much as think of SC4 until it’s time for the winter semester to begin.

I’m going to give my brain some nice relaxation time while feeding it loads and loads of junk. Cartoons, movies that make no sense and video games. Lots and lots of video games. My family will most likely have to pry me off the couch when it comes time for winter semester.

Photo by Hamish Duncan under a Creative Commons license.

Not that the fall semester was without its good times. I got a chance to meet some rather awesome young journalists at Woodrow Wilson, and got to reconnect with old friends while making some new ones.

Those are experiences I will treasure and think back on fondly when I’m old and decrepit.

The constant papers and tests, well those won’t make for such fond memories.

I guess that in the in the end, I must think it all worth it. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have signed up for winter.