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SC4 Skippers Lionel Hicks goes for a lay up. Photo By Christian McGeachy

Basketball update

Christian McGeachy

Dreidel Elf

Thanksgiving was a perfect time to give thanks, watch football with family and friends, and for the basketball teams of St. Clair County Community College, a well deserved break from the court.

Going into Thanksgiving break, both teams were off to a good start to the season. The men’s basketball team has a record of 4-2 with their only loss coming from Muskegon Community College 82-62 and Owens Community College 73-62.

SC4 Skippers Lionel Hicks goes for a lay up. Photo By Christian McGeachy
SC4 Skippers Lionel Hicks goes for a lay up. Photo By Christian McGeachy

Up to this point, the Skippers have been doing really well on the offensive side of the court. The Skippers have four players that average double digits in points per game. Those players are: Johnnie Mills with 14.6, Jesse Schienke with 13.8, Latwann Wesley with 12.6 and Deion Stegall with an even 10.

Defensively, the skippers have not stopped their opponents from scoring and have been very close games so far this season. The opponents have been able to score over 70 points in all of their games this year, but have held them under triple digits so far this season. Only one player on the team is averaging over 10 rebounds a game and that is Jesse Schienke with 11.2.

On the other side of the court, the Lady Skippers had a good start to the season. Winning their first three games of the season, but fell short the last three games against Muskegon Community College, Kalamazoo Community College, Lansing Community College, and Owens Community College. Making the Lady Skippers 3-4 to start off the season.

So far this season, the Lady Skippers have struggled on the court offensively by only having two girls score over 50 points in the first six games. Through the last three games, the Lady Skippers have been outscored 273 – 192, showing that the ladies have to find a better way to stop the opposition from scoring the ball.

So, both teams are off to a decent direction in the season, but both need improvement. Defense creates offense and both teams could use more defense in stopping the opponents from scoring.

Hopefully, now that the turkey and mashed potatoes are gobbled up, the men’s and women’s basketball teams will go from dinner time to prime time.