/A “Supernatural” series
Photo by Nancy Pavana-Creative Commons

A “Supernatural” series

Clay Kimball

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It’s fifty percent “Charmed,” fifty percent “The Walking Dead,” and one hundred percent good television. “Supernatural” is the right show for any supernatural drama enthusiast who doesn’t want the feminine focus of the series “Charmed.”

“Supernatural” follows the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester on the search for their missing father, John. Their family isn’t a normal one though; it’s one of “hunters.”

Ever since the supernatural death of Sam and Dean’s mother, John has been hunting the cause of the deadly fire that took her. Along the way, they’ve been killing every un-natural being that has posed a threat to humans.

Now, twenty years later, John is late a few weeks from a hunt and Dean has to convince his collegiate brother to come back to hunting with him in order to help find their missing dad and help him eliminate the entity he’s been hunting for so long.

Overall, the series is very well balanced. The characters are very relatable, especially to any pair of brothers. The character development is very natural; you can feel where the brothers obtained the personalities they have and why they act as they do.

Photo by Nancy Pavana-Creative Commons
Photo by Nancy Pavana-Creative Commons

One of the best parts of the show is the balance of comedy and tragedy. While in the beginning of the episode you can be laughing at the hi-jinks shared between the brothers, you’re also able to be brought down to tears at the end when a major point of contention is pushed or a main character is sacrificed, all with no recognizable seam in the flow of the story.

The show has been running for seven seasons now, with the latest episodes playing on The CW, but it might not be too late to ask for a season DVD for Christmas. Otherwise, there’s always Netflix and streaming.