//Post apocalyptic fun

Post apocalyptic fun

You have probably heard of “Dungeons and Dragons” before today, but do you know it’s not all swords and sorcery in the D&D world? There are many worlds and realms you can set the story in, and I recently picked up Gamma World, the science fiction version of D&D with some cool game play tweaks.

Like in any D&D game, the hardest part is getting started. The book does a good job of holding your hand through it, but if you want to start quick there is a Gamma World character builder sheet on the wizards of the cost website.

Making your character is partly random. Your dice rolls determine your stats, but in Gamma World your characters are made by picking a race and mixing it with another at random.

In the game I am running, we have a gravity controlling cat, a doppelganger psychic and a pyrokinetic yeti.

The best part of the new combat system is that there is an alpha mutation and the omega tech card. They are special weapons and mutations that you get at the start of combat.

If you are a familiar D&D player, or a newbie, it is a cool game to play with friends. Especially if you like to tell weird stories.

Zack Penzien

Production Editor