/Meet the candidates

Meet the candidates

On Nov. 3, Port Huron residents will get to take place in a first.

The mayor and city council will be elected separately.

There are 15 candidates total, three vying for mayor and 12 candidates for the six city council seats, with the mayor being elected for a two-year term and the council being elected for a four or two-year term.

The three candidates with the highest votes will be on for four years, while the others will serve as council members for two years.

Running for mayor are Garth Gurnsey, John M. Moldowan, and Port Huron’s current Mayor, Pauline Repp.

Council candidates are: current incumbents Sherry Archibald, Alan Lewandowski, Brian Moeller, and Domingo Ruiz and Alphonso Amos, Richard Brettin, David Castillo, Rachel Cole, Thomas Grambau, Kenneth Harris, Timothy Keller, Jeremy Ruiz.

All but four council candidates- Brettin, Grambau, J. Ruiz and Keller who was recovering from a heart attack- were present at a forum held Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011.

Some of the handful of topics mentioned included water rates, income tax and the consistent mention of small business.

Moldowan, who is a small business owner himself, mentioned in a number of questions taking care of small businesses in order to improve Port Huron, and numerous other candidates covered the issue of blight in their opening and closing statements. With the issues of blight it was also mentioned that renters would be faced with having to take care of blight on property that they occupy instead of the property owners.

Income tax was discussed, but also mentioned that any changes would have to go through the state in order for any changes to take place, and that a water rate increase would most likely have to take place in order to help our bond rating according to Lewandowski.

Moeller, the self proclaimed no vote on the current council, stated that he would not vote for a water increase with candidates Amos and Moldowan agreeing.

Christina Stoutenburg

Staff Writer