/Hair takes flight

Hair takes flight

This fall, feathers have made quite the comeback. They’re clipped into hair, dangling from earrings and put on headbands. My only question is where did the feather fad come from?

I did some research and it turns out, according to www. fishing. outdoorzy. com, this trend came from Boulder, Colorado, where fish flying is really popular. I guess fishing lures make great hair accessories.

Hollywood is pretty keen on this fad as well, Ke$ha and Steven Tyler are among many celebrities who are sporting this feathery fashion statement.

There are actually quite a few places around the Port Huron area that do offer the application of hair feather extensions. Paul Mitchell School on Lapeer, and Salon PiZazz on Huron Avenue are to name a few.

Will these feathered accessories stick around for a while or are they going to fly away?

Jessica Jack

Staff Writer