/Expanding horizons

Expanding horizons

To a lot of dedicated SC4 sports fans, it’s hard to go to every sporting event that one desires. Jobs to work, children to take care or just overwhelmed with classes and homework. Especially when the Skippers are on the road, many students and fans could be wondering, “Who won the game? What’s the team’s record? And who’s leading the team in assists, turnovers or points?”

Let me provide all the sports fans of St. Clair County Community College with a couple suggestions to succeed in keeping up with the sports.

In my discoveries on the internet, I stumbled upon a very useful web site. At www.njcaa .org, anyone can follow all sports at the junior college level.

NJCAA is the abbreviation for the National Junior College Athletic Association. At their website, anyone can access bundles of information on many sports at the junior college level.

Sports for St. Clair County Community College are available, among hundreds of other junior colleges in the United States.

At the NJCAA website, you can search by region, sport, division and also access the player stats on the sports teams. So if you missed any of the volleyball season at SC4 and wanted to know what happened this year, by using the NJCAA website, a sports fan can figure out the volleyball teams overall standings, stats and more.

Another way to find out where the next game is, or the scores from previous games can also be found on SC4’s website. Simply by going to the homepage, selecting “Current Student” and going to Student Connection newsletter, you can see the scores of the games and who the Skippers versed. Just go to www.sc4 .edu.

Last, but not least, anyone can access the Erie Square Gazette on the internet by going to www. esgonline. org and going to the sports tab, to read all the articles and columns you have missed or liked from previous issues.

So, anyone at anytime can access that stats they need to keep informed on the SC4 athletics even when life catches up with you.

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor