//ESG round-up

ESG round-up

Do you dream of fame and all of the fortunes that come with it?

Well, we can’t help you there. But we can put your name down in print.

If you are an enrolled student at SC4, then you are able to sign up for the college’s student newspaper, the Erie Square Gazette.

Experience in the field of journalism is not required for one to sign up.

“Anybody may enroll. We work with anybody. Some students have found it’s not quite the writing they would like to do, and that’s okay. Other students have found that it’s challenging, but they’ve got a new trick in their bag of writing tricks. We hope to give them the experience that they’re looking for,” said John Lusk, Communications and English professor, and advisor to the ESG for 15 years.

The ESG meets every Thursday at 2 p.m. in room 123 of the Main Building. Students interested in scoping out the paper are welcome to attend, and even pick up an assignment if they so choose.

“Students who like to write might want to experience news writing because it’s a different kind of writing. It’s a good tool to have in one’s tool box as a writer,” said Lusk.

The ESG is always looking for new writers, and to cover events that appeal to the student body, such as sports.

Christina Stoutenburg found her way to the ESG through her interest in broadcasting.

“I’ve really enjoyed it. At first I took it because I wanted to do the broadcasting stuff, but I tried journalism and I really like it more than I thought I was going to,” said Stoutenburg.

“I think the Erie Square Gazette is a great opportunity for prospective journalism majors to cut their teeth in the field of journalism. There have been times our student’s work has beat local newspapers to press with an article and I find that very exciting,” said current ESG Editor-in-Chief, Twana Pinskey.

So if you’re looking for serious experience in the journalism field, or just want to try something new, drop on by the ESG.

In the words of Stoutenburg, “Just try it. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Danielle Kennedy

Copy Editor