College travels: Kettering

On the road again.

Once again I’ve traveled to a four year university to inspect the campus. This time, it’s Kettering.

My first thought, “Wow that is a lot of concrete.”

Kettering’s campus, relative to others I’ve visited, reflects the school of thought in an engineering college, making everything as efficient as possible.

All of the five buildings on campus are within a few minute walk of each other, some even connected by underground halls. The architecture is simplistic and reasonable.

Though the outside is aesthetically bland, the inside is heaven to an engineer. I visited three of the five buildings with my tour guide and each amazed me with how many labs and workshops fit in them.

Whether it was the hydrogen fuel cell labs in the basement of the C.S. Mott building, or the multiple robotics workshops in the Academic building, there was not a boring moment for a nerd like me.

The C.S. Mott building on the Kettering Campus Photo Credit: Clay Kimball

The C.S. Mott building on the Kettering Campus Photo Credit: Clay Kimball

Besides the engineer geek out, I really enjoyed the familiarity of the professors and staff.

Most colleges will boast that their low student to faculty ratio makes them close to their students, but at Kettering I truly felt it. I was able to hold personal conversations thirty minutes long with almost every professor I found during the tour. One even invited my friend and I back to do a personal workshop in her lab.

Overall, I found Kettering to be perfect for those who will take engineering over architecture any day. What they lack in aesthetics, they more than make up for it in the quality of their engineering program.

With their multiple “Dog Days” programs, free tours, I highly suggest looking into Kettering for any math or science based degree pathways.

Clay Kimball


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