/Clay’s Chaos Column 60-5

Clay’s Chaos Column 60-5

Scans show your computer has 420 viruses, 123 malware programs, and over 9000 pornographic images on your computer. Now if you’re an average computer user, you might notice that this message is mostly false. You do have at least one malware program.

Malware, adware and Trojans aren’t uncommon diseases in the computer world. But when we get them, nobody wants to take theirs in to a professional to get it fixed. Some of us have those “computer smart” friends, but this is the sixth time this month you’ve broken your computer.

Well reading this will help you help yourself.

The number one way of dealing with viruses is prevention. A strong, updated, and running anti-virus program combined with a firewall is all you need to prevent nearly every virus out there.

If you’re tight on change and you don’t want to buy a virus program, I suggest Microsoft Security Essentials. MSE is free, updated frequently, and easy to use. All Windows OS’s have Windows Firewall already built in.

Now let’s say you’re past that point and your desktop is covered in pop-ups already.

Step one would be to shut down your computer and restart it in safe mode with networking just in case. Safe mode can be accessed by tapping the F8 key while the computer starts up.

Next, make sure you have a working anti-virus software installed, then run its viral scan. This should dig up the majority of the viruses you have.

To bring it home, download and install a malware cleaning program, such as Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, and run their scans. This will dig up even the deepest problem files. Quarantine all the bad files and you’re done.

A final hint of advice, don’t run any unknown “.exe” files suddenly downloaded to your computer. And uncheck any toolbar downloads in installer software; they’re a “computer smart” friend’s biggest annoyance.

If you have any questions for me, send them to (eriesquare gazettewm @gmail.com). I may feature the answer to your question online or in a future issue.

Clay Kimball