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Your backpack may not have a talking map like Dora the Explorer’s, unless you have an iPod in it.

According to www. collegestudentsafety .com, items such as textbooks, cell phones and i-pods are stolen from back packs left unattended.

The reason given is that textbooks can be quickly converted into cash, especially at the end of a semester when returned books can be easily converted to their current cash value. Unlike most stolen property, which is converted to a cash value much less than actual value, the web site said textbooks can be taken back to a college bookstore for a full refund under certain circumstances.

According to the SC4 campus bookstore manager, Amanda Beliveau, shelving units are provided for students to store personal items while in store shopping on campus.

Beliveau explained their store has not experienced theft of student property while students are in the store.

“The campus bookstore does not advise students leave valuables such as cell phone, laptops or wallets unattended,” replied Beliveau. She offered that students can carry baskets provided by the store for shopping and safe keeping of valuables while shopping.

The items were discovered next to an open window on Nov 15. Photo Credit: Twana Pinskey

The items were discovered next to an open window on Nov 15. Photo Credit: Twana Pinskey

The college bookstore web site at Henry Ford Community College (collegestore .hfcc.) suggests that if students store their books in their back pack, they should keep the back pack closed and carry it with them at all times.

The hfcc web site explained books visible sticking out of book bags in the library, open on food court tables, lying on backseats of cars and sitting on the floors are easy targets for theft.

Beliveay explained the store has the capability to add notes in the computer system to assist bookstore staff in identification of stolen books that may be returned for money. She suggests students place an indentifying mark specific to their text books (I/E: a smiley faces on page 10 of each of your text books.)This means that if a thief were to try and sell a stolen textbook to the Bookstore, they would be unable to do so.

If a student should find themselves the victim of theft, they should immediately notify Campus Patrol at: (810)989-5757 and the Bookstore at: (810)989-5725.

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