/What’s in a number?

What’s in a number?

Exploring the question how many partners is too many, “What’s your number?” plays out similarly to many cliché romantic comedies.

Upon learning about the bad luck associated with having more than 20 lovers, Ally Darling (Anna Faris) teams up with neighbor Colin Shea (Chris Evans) to track down and re-evaluate her ex-boyfriends.

Being somewhat atypical and socially inept, Ally will go to surprising extremes to make a bad relationship work. These efforts often proved themselves comical to both Colin and me.

Bearing an “R” rating for sexual content and language, the movie has a thorough splattering of both, yet not so much as to feel overdone.

This movie is extremely solid, featuring a good cast who played their parts exquisitely. Some of the more comedic moments felt as though they were deliberately over-emphasized, however.

The story had no loose ends that I could see, nor did it have any genuinely surprising twists. The use of transitions was unobtrusive, and the flow of the movie was comfortable. The pace could have been a bit more exciting, but that may have altered the overall mood of the film.

The only genuine problem, nothing stands out.

This movie, although well made, has nothing remarkable to comment on. Mark Mylod, the movie’s director, appears to have avoided any risk associated with featuring remarkable material.

Everything about this movie was ‘good.’Well, Jim Collins once wrote “good is the enemy of great.” That sums it up more than adequately.

Recommend you wait for the DVD.

Gregory Lane

Staff Writer