/Trumping into the Euchre scene
Why can't I hold all these cards?

Trumping into the Euchre scene

During the course of the year, many sports fans that watch ESPN will come to find that the “World Series of Poker” has become a main attraction. And for the students at St. Clair County Community College, Euchre has become the main event.

Students that come to the college center for their lunch break have found out this semester that Euchre is a popular card game among other classmates.

According to thefreedictionary .com, Euchre is defined as, “a card game played usually with the highest 32 cards, in which each player is dealt 5 cards and the player making the trump is required to take at least 3 tricks to win.”

Confused? You’re not the only one. I was too.

Why can't I hold all these cards?
A deck of cards. Photo Credit by: Phillipa Willitts under a Creative Commons License.

But since I’ve gotten into the phenomenon of Euchre, I can come up with a better explanation for the people still confused and scratching their heads.

Four players are split in two teams and play each other in game to which have to score ten points to win. Each player is dealt five cards a piece. The only cards being dealt are tens’ through aces. Jacks are considered “bowers” and are the highest cards when used in the right trump. Someone from the four must call trump, either spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs. Trump becomes the highest value in the game and if you have enough trump during a hand, you could have the advantage to win.

Still confused? Well that’s very common, but many students at SC4 have enjoyed and learned very quickly by playing this strategy game of wits and trump.

Students like Michael Brough, a third year student a St.Clair County Community College, says, “I like Euchre, because it passes time faster. It also helps to strategize better and helps your brain power.”

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor