/SC4 to host American Chemical Society Meeting

SC4 to host American Chemical Society Meeting

St. Clair County Community College is hosting an open meeting of the Detroit section of the American Chemical Society. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 12, at 6 p.m. in room 201 of the Clara E. Mackenzie Building.

The meeting will focus on drug issues with the Food and Drug Administration, and will include light refreshments. For more information, please contact SC4 Chemistry Professor Larry Mavis at (810) 989-5652.

L. Felix Schneider is now retired after a 42 year career with the FDA where he held positions as an analytical chemist, supervisory chemist, laboratory director, and research coordinator. Schneider will be discussing issues with import drugs, as well as the evolution of the FDA’s drug approval process.

Students, local chemists, lab managers who are involved with chemistry and people with interests in pharmaceutical issues are encouraged to attend. No registration is necessary.

Brandy Standefer

Staff writer