/Occupy your life

Occupy your life

How exhilarating it would be to stand elbow to elbow amongst swarms of protesters, and to shout from the deep pits of the stomach, “We are the 99%!”

Sadly, not everyone can afford to quit work, abandon obligations, and just…drive. Drive and drive and drive to New York and contribute to this awakening of the American consciousness.

Moreover, the protesters have been deemed unorganized, impotent, and directionless as their sentiment of resentment is obviously present, although they have yet to establish demands aimed to reform and improve.

So, what can we do? We all are so miniscule and helpless, or so it often feels.

If you want revolution, if you want to make a tangible contribution to the principles you see merely spray-painted all over Wall Street, then wake up! Live the revolution in your own life!

You hate big corporations, banks, and capitalist greed? Cancel your bank account. If you absolutely must have one, support the local business. Why give your money to a corporation that will propagate thousands of dollars in APRs by lending your money, just to compensate you with laughable yields in return?

Research the brands of everything you buy, and don’t support manufacturers who actively use inhumane practices like child labor, have a mere disregard for worker and animal rights, or destroy the environment. At the very least, don’t shop at Wal-Mart when Meijer is next door.

If you despise the consumerist society, walk or bike when driving is unnecessary, shop from thrift stores, donate to thrift stores, plant a garden, and recycle everything (gorged landfills are the byproduct of the consumerist mentality).

Volunteer at a soup kitchen if you hate corporate greed. If you hoard all of your time and resources instead of giving back to those less fortunate, how are you any better than the white collars scoffing at the protesting masses?

There are devices used to hypnotize and sedate you-rid your life of them. These “drugs” numb you to this bleak, oppressive reality, orchestrated by those in power.

To start, detach yourself from obsessions with fashion, Facebook, video games, media, pop culture, etc. These are intoxicating drugs, numbing us from the painful reality which consists of forty hour work weeks, student loan bills, a failing job market, stagnant wages, ongoing wars, crippling national debt, and environmental atrocities.

Make the revolution start in yourself. Be informed, and live a life of activism in every way possible.

Alyssha Ginzel

Guest Writer