/New Coach: Lakita Gantz
Lakita Gantz

New Coach: Lakita Gantz

After Carrie Lohr, former St. Clair County Community College Women’s Basketball Coach, accepted the head coaching job at Wayne State University, her shoes needed to be filled.

Coach Lakita Gantz took on the task of wearing these shoes.

Lakita Gantz, Head Coach of SC4’s Women Basketball Team.
Lakita Gantz, Head Coach of SC4’s Women Basketball Team.

Before Gantz was a coach, she was a basketball player herself. She played ball at her Detroit high school and went on to play, and graduate, at Savannah State University.

After graduating at Savannah State University, Gantz went on to coach and has been coaching for over ten years now. Her experiences in coaching are at Pershing High School, Mumford High School and Team Michigan AAU. And during her time coaching high school women’s basketball, she coached men’s basketball as well.

Even though it’s way before the season starts, Gantz wastes no time in getting her girls ready for the upcoming season. The women’s basketball team at SC4 have already been conditioning and practice starts on Oct. 1.

Gantz believes that chemistry is very important. So, when asked about the chemistry between Coach and her players she said, “Chemistry is great…I try to explain to them why I push them so hard…and they agree.”

While Gantz gets a feel for her new job, she is focusing on the team’s transition defense and transition offense by saying, “I’m trying to make them a fast team, but a very smart team.”

In addition to replacing Lohr, she also follows a very successful nine years of winning seasons in the women’s basketball program.

So, is there pressure on the coach’s shoulders? Gantz replied, “I feel pressure, because I wanna win and go to nationals. So, the pressure is on myself. I feel like my team should be able to win at the highest level in this division.”

With conditioning on the way and practice right around the corner, the expectations for SC4’s women’s basketball team are at a high. Gantz believes that her team can win as many wins as the previous season, if not more. The previous season, the Lady Skippers won 19 games.

Let’s hope the Lady Skippers can live up to their new head coaches expectations.

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor