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Horror films

For over 90 years, horror movies have been captivating audiences both young and old. There’s something about the twisted storylines, psychotic killers and horrific monsters that keeps people coming back for more.

The media convergence of horror movies is very widespread. Horror movies started out as stories told around a campfire and were then passed down through generations.

Horror movies started to become popular around the 1920’s and has evolved immensely. At first these movies didn’t have any sound at all, or color as a matter of fact.

When radio started to get popular, horror stories used to be broadcasted over the radio. Many authors started to write books that could be classified under the horror genre.

When horror finally got to Hollywood, the concept spread like wildfire and directors kept cranking out horror movie after horror movie, captivating the American audience everywhere.

According to www.filmcrave.com the top three horror movies of all time are, “The Shining” (1980), “Halloween” (1978), and “The Exorcist” (1973). These three movies captivate some of the key elements of horror films.

Erick Jorgen Fredendall, a communications major here at SC4, stated, “I agree with what www.filmcrave.com stated as being the top three horror movies of all time. The exorcist was really freaky.”

Another student, Thomas Grambau, majoring in communications, said, “I think the movie ‘Christina’ is missing because it’s a really good movie and it’s a Stephen King film.”

Movies have evolved in special effects in many ways. The slasher films have become gorier, the paranormal has become more bone chilling and the costumes have become more extravagant. With all of the computer enhancements, horror flicks are more realistic.

It’s a wonder of how they will keep evolving and how much more twisted this genre of movies will become.

Horror movies keep changing and making Hollywood history one film at a time. Hopefully the horror genre won’t crumble or fade anytime soon.

Jessica Jack

Staff Writer