/From Player to coach, Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown Photo Credit: Christian McGeachy

From Player to coach, Kyle Brown

In many different scenarios throughout life, boy becomes man, student becomes the teacher and at St. Clair Community County College the player became the coach.

Kyle Brown, a sophomore at SC4, became a part of the coaching staff for the upcoming men’s basketball team season.

Brown, played high school ball at Marysville High School and played a year underneath the SC4 roster. Deciding to take his talents to a higher level, Brown became one of the coaches on the staff.

“It brings a player point of view to the coaching side,” said Brown.

Kyle Brown Photo Credit: Christian McGeachy
Kyle Brown proudly stands next to his picture at SC4’s Gymnasium. Photo Credit: Christian McGeachy

Even though Brown is no longer able to play the sport as a player, he said, “I just wanted to stay in it… I am here for the coaching aspect and at least to keep the team going in a positive direction as best as I can.”

According to Brown, he has coached before at his high school, and also while being a player last year at SC4. So, between his skills on the court as a power forward and being an assistant coach, he would be the perfect choice to teach the players of tomorrow.

Brown believes, “ The most critical thing is just effort and hard work…and what the players need to know is that it takes hard work and effort to get to the point to be better than their (the other team) best player.”

Even though Brown has had a great experience throughout his basketball and coaching career, so far, nothing compares to being next to Coach Dale Vos.

Vos has been the coach for St. Clair County Community College for 20 years and has much success with men’s basketball program. When asked about being next to the very successful Dale Vos, Brown exclaimed, “I like Dale as a person and as a Coach…just to be by him and have the connection with him is a big help me personally and it’s a great experience.”

Brown plans to continue his way on coaching men’s basketball in the future and continue to be the player that became the coach.

Christian McGeachy

Sports Editor