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Fool’s love

“Fool for Love” debuted this past weekend at the SC4 theatre.

“Fool for Love” is the best known work of playwright and actor, Sam Shepard, that was first produced at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco more than a quarter century ago. It has often been considered as one that is luster-lacking from what is expected from one of America’s premier playwrights.

Despite the one-act play being relatively brief, and resembling stereotypical characters from an American West theme, the storytelling and re-imaging was undoubtedly hard to ignore. As well as the high octane physicality delivered by SC4 sophomores, Christine Marie Lis (May) and Owen McIntyre (Eddie), whose relationship was more complex than it first appeared.

The action takes place in a cheap motel room where Eddie, a rodeo cowboy and “Marlboro Man,” and May try to sustain a 15 year on-again, off-again  relationship of love, hate and everything possible in between.

One of the “everythings” being the two are half-siblings. This is revealed by actor, Sean Michaels (the old man), that not only is a figment of the two’s imagination, but also their late father.

Another SC4 sophomore, Christian Jones, plays the innocent Martin, who is May’s date for the evening and offers a balance between characters due to the fact that he was the only one that seems to possess a quality of normalcy between the characters.

All in all, kudos to the play’s director, Tom Kephart, and the entire cast for bringing compelling acting to SC4’s stage, along with portraying the vintage play as a more modern day western showdown of dialogue.

Meghan Grady

Staff Writer