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Should I do the grapefruit diet, or the bacon diet?

With all the weight loss schemes and diets out there today, how can we ever decide the best way to lose weight? Well you can take this one from personal experience of mine. Over the past four months, I’ve lost over 30 pounds in total. Overall, I’ve lost much more in fat and gained back in muscle.

I’ve been on what is called a ketogenic diet. A ketogenic diet is a diet that replaces nearly all carbohydrates with fats and proteins.

The idea is that when the body stops taking in the sugars that are carbohydrates, it enters a state of ketosis, or when the body begins to break down fat instead for energy. This process releases large amounts of ketone bodies into the bodies, hence the name ketogenic. With ketosis in effect, the body resorts to burning fat first, sugars second, meaning easier weight loss through exercise.

Science aside, the diet is the most important part of this weight loss style. The diet itself is simple enough, just sticking to three simple food groups: proteins (meats and nuts), naturally processed dairy, and vegetables. Major foods to avoid are sweets, fruits, and most sauces.

While this may seem hard to follow, there are numerous places to find recipes and success stories of this diet.

Major sites include www.reddit. com/r/keto, www.atkins. com/recipes.aspx, and www. allrecipes .com. All of these sites have many low carbohydrate recipes for this plan, such as low carb bread and cake made from flax seeds or homemade ice-creams. The “subreddit” has posts with real life examples of followers who have lost anywhere from 15-100 pounds on the diet.

Trust me, if you feel unconfident about your weight, but you don’t want to stop eating what you love, how much you love, or have to exercise more than an hour a day, try the keto lifestyle. You’ll feel great and bacon is always a main course.

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Clay Kimball