/Clay’s Chaos Column 60-3

Clay’s Chaos Column 60-3

Have you ever had a day dream where two famous historical characters battle? Better question, who hasn’t?

Luckily for those without a good imagination there’s a next best, and it’s on YouTube. A series by the name of “Epic Rap Battles of History” brings to life our imagination by having two major characters competing in a rap battle. So far, participants range from Adolf Hitler, to the Easter Bunny, to Mister Rogers.

The series is produced and performed by YouTube user, “Nicepeter” and his reoccurring guests, including Lloyd Ahlquist. At the time, they are up to their thirteenth video. One of their episodes, “Hitler vs. Darth Vader,” currently has over 33 million views and has even made it to the Top 100 music videos on YouTube.

In each battle, the two participants take turns boasting and insulting each other in accordance to their own histories.  Occasionally, a guest related to one of the participants arrives to assist them in their rebuttal turn.

Another “Epic” series is “Epic Meal Time,” a Canadian based YouTube series revolving entirely around making the largest, most “epic” meals possible. Their view count totals over 200 million, with about 10 million views a video.

Primary ingredients in most of these meals include: bacon, Jack Daniels whiskey, and homemade batter. Though these are the normal ingredients, recipes range from giant eggrolls to “Chili Four Loko.”

Part of the “epic” in the series is the quantity of food produced. Some recipes can range anywhere from 10 thousand calories to over 100 thousand calories. Keep in mind that it is only three to seven people making and eating the food. Try not to watch episodes on empty or full stomachs.

The series puts out an episode once a week and occasionally stars guests from other popular YouTube channels, such as “FPSRussia” and “El Gigante.”

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Clay Kimball


Clay Kimball, Webmaster
Clay Kimball, Webmaster