/Battle of the sexes

Battle of the sexes

Fighting like lions and tigers, only this time for a good cause. On Thursday, Oct. 13, the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams played against each other to raise fund for both teams. Altogether, $221 were raised and split between the two teams to pay for equipment, uniforms, and travel funds.

At the end of the first half, the lady skippers were down 30-16. Even though they fought hard to gain a lead, the game ended with a Men’s close win at 42-31. Though some players were disappointed by the close ending, they were reminded that the game was for fundraising, not competition.

Coach LaKita Gantz commented that even though not a large amount of money was made, she plans to have the Women’s Basketball team participate in more fundraisers, such as a fashion show or assorted parties. She also hopes that more people will be aware of the teams because of this event and will come out to more of the events to help the teams.

Gantz believes that the game showed her what members of the team played more competitively, played harder, and played better against their male counterparts, what she believes to be a good indication of how well they’ll play against other women’s teams. It showed her what the team needs to work on at practice, as well.

Clay Kimball