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16 bits of fun

It’s just about the holiday season again and you know what that means, the new videogame drought is over!

If you’re not into playing as a space marine, which let’s face it, that’s a hefty majority of games now a days, you’re in luck.

If you miss the days when video games only gave you three lives and everything tried to kill you, well you’re in luck. Eric Ruth games specialize in videogame demakes. His demakes are modern games that are designed and programmed as if it was made for an earlier system. Complete with a classic 16bit sound track and art.

It is fun seeing the more iconic levels that have been treaded and retreaded, in a new way. So far “Halo,” “Left 4 Dead,” and a few others have been made. Also, he has recently announced that he is currently working on a “Team Fortress 2” demake.

The best part is that all the games are free to download on his website. They require no installation, so you can play them directly off a flash drive.

File sizes are rather small “Left 4 Dead” is only 21MB so at the price of free, you can’t go wrong!
Zack Penzien

Production Editor

Zack Penzien, Production Editor
Zack Penzien, Production Editor